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Are there any secure patio door locks available?

If you are looking for a way to increase the security of your home or business then upgrading your patio door locks is a good place to begin. A Best Locksmith in Greensboro NC locksmith can talk to you about the different options you have for your type of patio door. There are keyed and digital locks available, plus additional security measures that we can also install. The patio doors are often one of the most beautiful accents of a room, it is easy to make sure they are also one of the working parts of your home security plan too with the right kinds of patio door locks.

How does radio-dispatched locksmithing work?

At Best Locksmith in Greensboro NC we offer 24/7 service using radio-dispatched technicians. What this means is that our on-call technicians can be contacted by our dispatcher at any time of the day. We give them the details of your location and what you have called in needing assistance with so they can get there as soon as possible. One of the many advantages of our radio-dispatched service is that we can also let you know when you can expect your locksmith to arrive. No more waiting on the side of the road for hours, we can even give them your cell number so they can contact you when they are on their way.

Can you remove broken keys from a lock?

It can happen to everyone. You put a key in a lock and turn and instead of the lock working the key breaks off in the lock. If there isn’t enough left for you to grab it and pull it from the lock then you need to call Best Locksmith in Greensboro NC. We can remove broken keys from any lock. Even if the key is broken off inside the lock our technicians travel with tools that can help them remove the key. Better still, when our locksmith is out there to remove broken keys they can also provide you with replacement keys as well.

How do I get safes unlocked?

If you are trying to get safes unlocked then chances are you have discovered why people use safes, they are very difficult and almost impossible to open without the right combination. If you need safes unlocked and you no longer have the key or code, call Best Locksmith in Greensboro NC at our number and we can help you. Our experienced locksmiths can work to release and open the locks on most kinds of safes. We can do so without causing damage to any of the contacts inside. That is more important than just getting it open. Call us if you need in, we can do it right.

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