King Greensboro NC Locksmith

What types of door locks are best?

When it comes to picking the best door locks for your home or business the best thing you can do is call King Greensboro NC Locksmith and ask a professional what they would recommend. The most expensive lock may not be the best and there are aspects of the door construction you have to consider too. We can help you pick the right locks and install them fast. Best of all, we can also provide you with lockout services, maintenance and help you find an alarm system as well. Talk to one of our friendly representatives to find out all the things we can do for you.

Where should I place high security locks?

Just putting in high security locks isn’t enough to give you real protection, they have to be placed on the right doors. At King Greensboro NC Locksmith we have years of experience helping people keep their homes and businesses safe. We can show you which of your doors can benefit from security locks and where they would be a waste of money. Call us today and one of our friendly and professional locksmiths can help you pick the right locks for your doors and get them installed fast so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Security means getting all the parts right so they work together to protect you, call us today and find out what will really work.

Can I get ignition switch keys made?

There are two types of ignition switch keys these days, ones that come with electronics and others that are made from key blanks. At King Greensboro NC Locksmith we can help you with both. Getting a replacement key from the manufacturer can be expensive, don’t waste your money. We can provide you with spare keys for your car and even program a spare electronic key if you need one too. To find out whether we have your key on hand, call today. Having a spare or two can prevent you from being stranded, take proactive measures and have your keys made by us today.

What do I need for key duplication?

There are three different ways that key duplication is done these days. There is the traditional key blank where it is cut to match your existing key. If you have a security key then the technicians at King Greensboro NC Locksmith may need the serial number from the original key and there are also now programmable keys for electronic locks too. Whatever type of key copy you need made, call 336-257-1191 so we can get started making them for you. If you don’t have the serial number for your key, we can help find it in the database as well so don’t hesitate to call today.