King Locksmiths Greensboro NC

What do lockout services include?

There is a lot more to lockout services than just opening a door. At King Locksmiths Greensboro NC we can show at any time of day to help you open your door whether it is a tumbler lock, alarmed system or digital keypad. Once you are back in, our expert technicians can take a look at why the lockout happened. A better choice is to contact us before you get locked out and have one of our professional locksmiths come and look at your doors. We can make suggestions for different types of locks that can reduce lockouts, and make sure we keep spare keys on hand should you need them.

How are strong are magnetic locks?

The real question isn’t how strong magnetic locks can be, but are they appropriate for your application. While many people know of these locks from the ones used in their cabinets, there are industrial versions too. At Locksmiths Greensboro NC we install a full line of magnetic’s that can range from light duty to heavy duty latch release types. One of the benefits of this style lock is it can be mounted on the frame and requires less of recess which can improve clean ratings for certain cabinets and rooms. Talk to one of our professional representatives today about whether or not this style of lock is right for you.

How hard is it to replace mobile home locks?

If you are trying to do the job yourself replacing mobile home locks can be difficult. Not only are the locks specialty items and hard to find, but they are also set in non-standard doors. The doors in a mobile home require a specific set of tools and experience to work on properly. Your best bet is to call Locksmiths Greensboro NC. Our locksmiths are experienced with mobile homes with everything from installing, replacing and re-keying locks. We even do security systems for mobile homes. Don’t add stress to your life when all you need is to call us to take care of your mobile home needs.

Where can I get a set of padlocks?

Using a set of padlocks is recommended when you have tools or access points that are shared by employees or transported between different locations. Locksmiths Greensboro NC can not only provide you with a set of locks, but we can also help you to pick the right type of lock for your needs. A job box lock has to be much different from the padlock on a shed door for a good reason. Call our representative today at 336-257-1191 to find out what your options are. Even better, once the locks are installed you can call the same number for fast, 24/7 lockout service too.