King Locksmith Greensboro – House Locksmith in Greensboro NC

Greensboro’s residential locksmith specializes in delivering and installing brand new securities for the house or apartment. We supply all the major brand names in locks like the Baldwin, Callan, Closetmaid, Delaney, Dor-O-Matic, Faultless, Kwikset, Lockey, Rockwood, Schlage, Taymor, and many others. There can be no doubts when it comes to the power behind any lock or key we offer. This is the first line of defense against burglaries.


This Locksmith in Greensboro, NC works to Protect the Neighborhood

Several years before this company was started there was a minor crime wave. There was a series of thefts done by “opportunistic” criminals. These home invasions could have been prevented had there been a professional installation of the door locks! King Locksmith Greensboto takes strides in quality to help secure the neighborhoods with high quality installations and products, in order to prevent amateur small scale thiefs of even thinking of breaking in to your home. There is no reason to ever put your home at risk because of unprofessional workmanship. This is a 24 hour service so remember to call 336-257-1191 as soon as you encounter a problem.

A Locksmith that Specializes in Emergency Lockouts

A lockout of the home can be a major annoyance. Also, lockouts are not subject to normal business hours. King Locksmith provide a 24/7 lockout service, delivered by our best professionals. We are available to be called during the week, weekends, and holidays. Accidental lockouts don’t take vacations so we don’t either. There has never been a more convenient service that is available to the residents of Greensboro and its surroundings at such a great price. The moment something goes wrong with your locks or keys – we can be on our way to you.


Local Locksmiths from Greensboro

This is our city and we want to make the neighborhoods a safer place. We believe in the strength of a well installed lock as a deterrence for crime. That is why we try and reach as many people as possible by making this service convenient and affordable. WE have the best lock and key operation that this city has ever seen and we have the fastest response times of them all. There is no reason to spend any time with unreliable home security – broken locks or lost keys.