King Locksmith in Greensboro, NC 24-hour service, low prices.

The first and best line of defense against burglaries is a well installed lock on the doors and windows of your house. King Locksmith in Greensboro, NC can offer top of line locks like Taymor, Schlage, Rockwood, Pamex, Moen, Lockey, Kwikset, and many others. The technicians at this company know the strengths, weaknesses and the differences between the brands. This is a fully equipped business that is prepared to assist all customers around Greensboro when it comes to locks and keys.

Locksmith in Greensboro is a Part of the City

During the 80s before the company began there was a crime wave and a string burglaries that effected a large part of NC, including Greensboro. These burglaries were what the police described as opportunistic thieves. They chose the houses which had poor lock installations. King Locksmith emerged with the mission to help prevent future crime in the city. A strong installation can be the best line of defense at keeping a home safe. There is no reason to risk the safety of your house with an amateur installation. Call 336-257-1191 today and receive 10% off on all our services as a first time cusotmer!


A Locksmith in Greensboro for All Emergencies

Accidental lockouts happen all the time. They can affect business owners, home owners, and car owners. That is why we offer a 24 hour emergency service to help with life’s pesky little problems. In the middle of the night we can repair locks and we have a locksmith in Greensboro NC who specializes in opening doors. We are always available to help anywhere in the city and that is part of mission statement. There is no reason to ever feel stranded when we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 54 weeks a year including Christmas, Hannukah, Rammadanan and the summer solstice!

King Locksmiths in Greensboro NC that specialize in All Styles of Locks

We have in stock for delivery and installation deadbolts, padlocks, combination locks, electronic locks, strike locks, rim locks, time locks, and many others. King Locksmith in Greensboro NC are experts in these locks and can offer quality knowledge and advice to the customer. This is a fully comprehensive service that was built around helping the neighborhood – a service offered at a great price and available 24 hours a day anywhere in the Greensboro.

The Locks of Love

We love keys and we love locks. This fondness that we have is something that we want to pass on to the clientele. Locks protect the city whether it is a lock on the home, car, or office. It is important to us that these locks keep functioning to the maximum potential.