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Can you replace transponder keys?

Yes, there are two different ways that Reliable Locksmiths in Greensboro NC can help you when it comes to replacing transponder keys. The first is in replacing the entire key. We can program a chipped key that is compatible with your vehicle, test it and deliver it to you once we are sure that the key works completely with your cars lock and ignition system. The second way we can help you is to provide spare keys that work just with the ignition, or are chipped transponders that open just the door and activate the alarm too.

Replace or install secure vehicle locks

If you are replacing the keys for your vehicle you may also want to look at replacing or installing secure vehicle locks as well. One of the most popular services our experts at Reliable Locksmiths in Greensboro NC get called to perform is to swap out vehicle locks on cars that have been sold between private parties and on company vehicles. This gives you far more control over who has keys to your vehicles and helps keep your investment safe. This can be a simple and affordable way to upgrade your vehicle security as well as make it easier to track access too.

Upgrading window locks can improve security

If you are looking for an affordable way to upgrade your entire site security system the answer may lie in changing your window locks. When you call Reliable Locksmiths in Greensboro NC to come out ask our experienced technicians to assess the ground level and upper level locks on your windows. There are different options for these locks that can serve to increase your security. This can be an affordable way to upgrade your security without having to make expensive changes to the entire system. Whether you are changing out latch locks or wiring the locks to your alarm system, our technicians can help you make sure you choose the right security to meet your needs.

Which locksmiths work weekends?

Call Reliable Locksmiths in Greensboro NC at our number when you need locksmiths who work weekends. We have a dedicated staff of professional locksmiths who are radio dispatched 24/7 to help you with all your security needs. Whether you need someone to come open a car door, or you need someone to install temporary locks after a break-in; our experienced locksmiths can be there to help you. Our service is affordable, reliable and we have one of the best reputations in the area. Call us today and let us help you restore order and safety in your home and business.

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