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Can you replace transponder keys?

Yes, there are two different ways that Reliable Locksmiths in Greensboro NC can help you when it comes to replacing transponder keys. The first is in replacing the entire key. We can program a chipped key that is compatible with your vehicle, test it and deliver it to you once we are sure that the key works completely with your cars lock and ignition system.

Best Locksmith in Greensboro NC

Are there any secure patio door locks available?

If you are looking for a way to increase the security of your home or business then upgrading your patio door locks is a good place to begin. A Best Locksmith in Greensboro NC locksmith can talk to you about the different options you have for your type of patio door. There are keyed and digital locks available, plus additional security measures that we can also install.

King Locksmith Greensboro - Master Keys and Re-keying

How to install master key systems with expert help?

Sometimes there will be a need to install master key systems. This process involves creating a master key that can open several locks. Obviously, it is a highly sophisticated job. Implementing such a system requires a lot of preparatory work. Doing this in haste without expert advice will create a lot of problems in future. You need to work with a company like King Locksmith Greensboro right from the stage of planning.

King 24 Hour Locksmith Greensboro NC

Wherever you go, do not forget to secure your place through our mobile home locks

Worried that your mobile home could be at risk of security lapse and that your belongings there are not safe all the time? Worry not. Our mobile home locks have been specifically designed and developed to meet demands like these.

Key Duplication and Lockout Services

Delivering Key Duplication Service At Your Location

Our service model is unique. Unlike other locksmiths, we don’t ask you to visit us for the purpose of getting your keys duplicated. Give us a call and make reservation for our key duplication service. We take the responsibility to show up at your mentioned address and make a duplicate key for your car/house/security device key. We can visit you while you are at work. Just hand over the key and go back to work while we manufacture the duplicate key in 10 minutes only.

Some Locksmith Stories

"I am just a simple locksmith in Greensboro NC. Generally, the calls I get are lockout calls. Somebody wants us to help them into their car or house. Those kind of projects are small and don't usually require too much many power. Sometimes you get these really special projects  that are huge. For whatever reason you have to change out all the locks in the house. Stuff like that is usually from a pretty messy break up. A few of those customers stood out.

How do you check reviews on a locksmith company?

To check locksmith company professionalism it would be wise to search online. Look over their timing, service rendered, the cost per service. Don’t just take want someone says over the phone. Ask lots of question about the quote and even ask to have it itemized. Ask them about their rating versus their competition. If they cannot answer your questions to your satisfaction shop somewhere else. It is ok to turn down a locksmith if they don’t provide you will the information that you seek.


I had this really awful break up. I did not want to see this guy ever again but I still had all his CDs and he had my spare key. I called these locksmith people to come in and change the locks and get me my new keys so I wouldn’t have to worry about him walking in one day uninvited. Ladies, get those locks straightened out.

Need a safe locksmith to open or repair your locked safe?

There are many instances where homeowners and even business owners find themselves locked out of important things. Our job is to open the way, and assist them with getting back in touch with their valuables. As a locksmith, we are educated and trained on a regular basis on how to open and repair the latest locks, safes, and even vaults. You would be surprised if you know how many different locking mechanisms there are. As a certified safe locksmith within the area, we have a knowledge base to open any vault and safe, and if we don't, we will find someone who does.

Are you seeking a locksmith on call?

Many locksmiths are on call and can offer you 24 hours services. Just be careful who you call. Our company has been around for years, and we have serviced many private homes, and businesses. We are no stranger to the modern or old fashion lock. All of our locksmiths are licensed and trained professionals to assist you with all of your lock and key needs. If you want to replace your locks, it is very important that you do your research on the type of lock you want installed and the locksmith company that you hire to do the lock replacement.
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